Our Story

At AJ's Homemade Pet Treats, we are passionate about providing wholesome, organic treats for your beloved pets. Our journey began with our founder, Audrey!
Audrey,  who, after eight years at Petsense, became dismayed by the harmful ingredients in commercial dog treats. Shocked to find substances like propylene glycol and sulfuric acid in her dog's favorite snacks, she decided to create her own treats using only natural, safe ingredients. 

Sharing her homemade treats with colleagues, Audrey received enthusiastic feedback, inspiring her to start selling at local fairs and vendor events, where pet owners praised the treats' quality and taste.

Encouraged by this success, Audrey expanded AJ's Homemade Pet Treats to cater to a wide variety of pets, including cats, ferrets, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and outdoor birds. Today, our mission remains rooted in Audrey's commitment to better pet nutrition, offering a range of delicious, healthful treats that pet owners can trust. Join us in making the world a better place for pets, one treat at a time.
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